Expert Witness and Liability Consulting

Sheriff Gary Raney (ret.) provides experience-driven expert witness services, liability assessments and litigation consulting in areas such as the use of force, employee misconduct, jail operations, police tactics, in-custody deaths and others.  His clients have ranged from New Hampshire to California (see our Clients page)

Gary not only carries the technical knowledge needed by a good expert witness, but he carries the credibility of having served in a variety of law enforcement roles, most notably as an elected sheriff for over ten years and 32-year veteran of law enforcement. 

Gary is a well-respected expert witness in areas including:

  • Use of force

  • In-custody deaths

  • Pursuit and high-speed driving

  • Custody practices / duty of care

  • Jail policies and practices

  • Police policies and practices

Inquiries can be made at our Contact page.