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Gary Raney

President, GAR Inc.

Sheriff Gary Raney (ret.) has 35 years of law enforcement experience and rose through the ranks from being a jail deputy and patrol officer to becoming the sheriff of one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in the nation.  In his current role, he consults on liability and litigation related matters involving jail or police actions, particularly those involving the use of force.  Gary also regularly assists criminal justice organizations to prevent litigation, providing them knowledgeable and experienced advice on use of force, supervision, pursuit driving, jail administrative segregation, training practices and other concerns.  As an experienced expert witness and analyst, Gary has been very successful at helping bring clarity and a successful resolution to civil actions involving law enforcement agencies.



Sheriff Gary Raney (ret.) became nationally recognized for his management practices and insightful leadership in criminal justice issues.  He remains active in many best practice reform issues and often presents at national conferences.  For more information, see the about page.