Jail Assessments to reduce liability and improve operations

GAR, Inc. can provide fresh eyes and ears and give you an independent perspective on the major liability areas of your facility.  Our organizational assessment can help identify areas that may need to be addressed to reduce the likelihood of litigation, or reduce the impact of litigation if it does happen, including: 

  • Jail / detention center policies

  • Intake procedures and screening

  • Suicide and mental health procedures

  • Classification

  • Use of administrative segregation/restrictive housing

  • Medical and mental health policies and practices (not clinical, only jail practices)

  • Disciplinary procedures

  • Use of force policy and practice

  • Grievance procedures

  • Facility safety and security

  • Limited evaluation of:

    • ADA compliance

    • PREA compliance

    • Food service

    • Programs

  • Opportunities to reduce your population and recidivism

As a part of our operational assessment, we will also identify data and measures that may assist you in data-driven decisions for the future.

By assessing the entire operation, you will have the ability to prioritize reforms and initiatives.  Sheriff Gary Raney (ret.) has many years of experience as an agency administrator and leader and is well-established as an expert in jail litigation.  Our goal is to keep you out of that.