Organizational Assessment

Are you looking for a new perspective on how your agency is operating and what might cause you to be a headline?  We can provide it.  By using a variety of strategies and tools, including data analysis, process evaluation, gap analysis processes and most importantly - engaging the people in your agency - we can provide you with the insight, facts and opinions to help you lead for better results and employee engagement.  Our assessments are highly customizable and have been used in both small and large organizations.  Most importantly, in the end, we not only provide you with what is wrong, but also the process for how to correct those issues that you identify as your priorities.

Leadership Development

Gary Raney's leadership facilitation is unlike any leadership course your staff has ever been to.  Most leadership courses are people standing in front of a room talking about the past.  Gary used to do this as well, and even though it was very popular, he lost interest in presenting it because he knew only a handful of people in the room would ever have the leadership courage to do something different.  As Gary continued to receive requests to help with leadership development, in 2016 we developed the Raising the Tide facilitation and it has been what he had hoped for – a very popular and successful way to make a real difference in an organization. 

It is a very interactive facilitation where every person in the room participates equally – and feels they contribute to the outcome.  It is so successful because of the interactive nature and your employees will appreciate identifying their own organizational needs and priorities for change.  In the end, each person will leave with personal commitments to change their own behaviors, but much more importantly, the group will identify and agree on common organizational leadership behaviors that they will all, individually and collectively, have a part of changing.

Lastly, this inherently becomes a team building exercise because of the interactivity in the room and the chance for everyone to provide their input in the final outcome and the future of the organization.

Some comments from the evaluations include:

The class was great for many reasons! I enjoyed the class on many levels and believed the class was educational, fun, and challenging. 

This training was strategic in providing a training ground that promotes staff alignment for business and culture advantage.

The leadership training was a foundation for affecting our culture as a whole rather than by solo professional levels or individual mindsets.

Ending the leadership training with a ‘take action plan’ allows purpose driven actions to continue for successful leadership. This causes our efforts to be impactful towards achieving the goals and objectives of the organization by immediate implementation and application.